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Welcome to Extensive Landscapers Whakatane

Imagine you’ve just moved into a new home in Whakatane, and the garden is a blank canvas. You’re not just looking for a landscaper; you’re looking for someone who can bring your vision to life, someone who can create an outdoor space that’s not just beautiful, but also functional, a place where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature.

That’s where we come in. At Extensive Landscapers Whakatane, we’re passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into personal paradises. Why not explore what we can do for your garden?

Looking for the Best Landscapers in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty?

If you’re on the hunt for the best landscapers in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, look no further than Extensive Landscapes.

We’re renowned for our precision, professionalism, and passion for creating stunning outdoor spaces.

Our landscaping services range from careful garden design to holistic property transformations.

Choose Extensive Landscapes: quality, creativity, and commitment in every project.

Landscape Design in Whakatane

When it comes to landscape design in Whakatane, Extensive Landscapes’ expertise truly shines. As professional Whakatane landscapers, we’re known for their innovative designs.

Our portfolio showcases a multitude of styles, each reflecting the unique personality and needs of the client.

Landscape Gardening and Maintenance Services

Beyond creating stunning designs, Extensive Landscapes also offers top-notch landscape gardening and maintenance services to keep your outdoor space in prime condition.

We excel in garden planting, ensuring your landscape thrives year-round. Our team meticulously maintains your garden, preserving its beauty and health.

Trust us to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant, inviting oasis that you’ll love.

Retaining Wall Installation in Whakatane

In addition to our gardening services, we’re experts at installing retaining walls in Whakatane, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits to your landscape.

As a trusted landscaping company in the Bay of Plenty region, we ensure your retaining wall is built to last, enhancing your property’s value and appearance.

Trust us to deliver top-quality workmanship and superior customer service.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Diving into pool landscaping? We’ve got you covered with our exceptional swimming pool landscaping services in Whakatane.

Our landscaping company enhances outdoor living through a meticulous design process, transforming your swimming pool area into an oasis.

From planning to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. Don’t settle for less, trust us to make your swimming pool landscape dream a reality.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Whakatane and Bay of Plenty

Not only do we excel in creating stunning pool landscapes, but we’re also experts when it comes to commercial landscaping services in Whakatane and the wider Bay of Plenty area.

As a top-notch landscaping and gardening company, we’re equipped to transform any commercial space into a captivating, lush environment. Trust us to enhance your business’s curb appeal and make a lasting impression on your visitors.

Outdoor Space Design

You’ll find our outdoor space design services nothing short of transformative, turning your exteriors into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments.

As a renowned landscape company, we excel in crafting residential outdoor spaces with full garden landscaping. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that enhance your lifestyle and add value to your property.

Let’s help you achieve your dream outdoor space.

Decks, Fences and Paving in Whakatane

Beyond our outdoor design services, we also specialise in the construction of decks, fences, and paving in Whakatane and wider Bay of Plenty.

We’ll transform your lawn into an enviable outdoor space with a top-quality deck. Trust us to install a sturdy fence for privacy and security.

We can also pave your walkways and patio with precision, creating a cohesive look that enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Landscaping Pricing and Affordability

Understanding the costs associated with landscaping is just as crucial as admiring a landscaper’s portfolio, as it allows you to plan your budget effectively.

When finding the best landscapers in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, consider both landscaping pricing and affordability.

As a homeowner, you might be tempted by lush subtropical plants or tranquil Zen gardens, but remember, large trees can cost upwards of $6,000. Lawns, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens each carry their own costs, influenced by factors like ground preparation, materials, and specifications.

Always weigh your desires against your budget, and don’t be afraid to choose cost-effective options. Landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank to enhance your home’s beauty and functionality.

Landscaping, Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture – What’s the Difference?

Now that you’ve got a handle on landscaping pricing and affordability, it’s time to delve into the three main branches of landscaping: landscaping, landscape design, and landscape architecture.

Landscaping involves the physical alteration and maintenance of outdoor spaces, such as your front yard or creating a garden.

Landscape design takes this a step further, focusing on the planning and aesthetic layout of these spaces.

Landscape architecture, on the other hand, is a more comprehensive discipline incorporating design, environment, and urban planning. It requires formal education and licensing.

While all three are interconnected, each brings a unique perspective and set of skills to an outdoor project.

Understanding these differences can help you choose the right professional for your landscaping needs.

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