Soft Landscaping in Whakatane

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Experience the Magic of Sustainable Soft Landscaping with Whakatane’s Own ‘Extensive Landscapes’

We’re a homegrown business, right here in Whakatane, and we at ‘Extensive Landscapes’ believe in the power of sustainability. We’re not just your average landscapers; we’re your neighbours, your friends, and we’re committed to enhancing our beautiful community one garden at a time. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, and we carry that local pride into every job we do.

When it comes to soft landscaping, we’re experts. We use sustainable practices to create beautiful, lush spaces that not only look good, but also contribute positively to the environment. We understand that every garden is unique, and we’re passionate about creating bespoke landscapes that reflect the individuality of each of our clients while staying true to our core value of sustainability. Trust us to transform your outdoor space into a serene and eco-friendly sanctuary.

Understanding Your Garden Design Needs in Soft Landscaping

When we’re considering soft landscaping, we’re talking about the living, breathing elements of your garden. It’s all about the plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees that bring colour, texture, and life to your outdoor space. But it’s not just a case of plonking down some plants and hoping for the best. We’ve got to think about your garden design needs and how these living elements can serve your vision.

Firstly, we’ve got to consider your lifestyle and how you’ll use the garden. Are we creating a tranquil oasis for relaxation, or a vibrant, active space for family fun and entertaining? Do we want to attract wildlife, or is low maintenance a priority? These factors will guide the selection of plants, their placement, and the overall design of the soft landscaping. We’re not just throwing seeds in the wind here; we’re carefully crafting an environment that suits your specific desires and needs.

Secondly, we can’t forget about the practical aspects. Every garden has its unique challenges and opportunities, from the quality of the soil to the amount of sunlight it receives. We’ll need to select the right plants for your garden’s conditions to ensure they thrive. Plus, we’ll consider the balance of evergreens to provide year-round interest, and seasonal plants to create changing displays of colours and textures. It’s like painting a picture with nature, one that evolves and grows with you.

Finally, there’s the question of style. Whether you’re drawn to the wild beauty of a cottage garden, the sleek lines of a modern design, or the exotic allure of a tropical paradise, we’ll tailor the soft landscaping to reflect your personal aesthetic. It’s about creating a garden that feels like an extension of your home, a space that resonates with you and brings you joy every day. This is the art of soft landscaping, combining the science of horticulture with the flair of design to create a garden that’s truly yours.

Discover the Magic of Soft Landscaping

We’re passionate about soft landscaping here at Extensive Landscapes. It’s an art that takes skill, precision, and a deep understanding of nature. We believe it’s an area that is often overlooked but can transform any outdoor space into a tranquil haven. Whether it’s planting a vibrant flower bed, sculpting a perfect lawn, or designing a peaceful woodland walk, soft landscaping is the key to creating a garden that’s not only beautiful but also a joy to be in.

We’ve been bringing our expert soft landscaping skills to the homes of Whakatane for years. It’s why locals love us – we’re more than just landscapers, we’re creators of outdoor spaces where memories are made. From choosing the right plants for your soil type to positioning them for the best sunlight, we’ve got it covered. We love what we do, and we believe our passion shines through in every soft landscaping project we undertake. With Extensive Landscapes, your garden isn’t just in safe hands, it’s in the hands of people who care.

What’s the Value of Soft Landscaping in Enhancing Your Outdoor Spaces?

At Extensive Landscapes, we’re big believers in the transformative power of soft landscaping. It’s not just about the hard, structural elements like patios, walls, and driveways. Soft landscaping brings a whole other level of depth and personality to your outdoor spaces.

  1. Visual Appeal: Think of the vibrant green grass, the riot of colours from blooming flowers, and the serene beauty of trees swaying in the breeze. Soft landscaping elements can turn an ordinary backyard into a picturesque haven.
  2. Environmental Benefits: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, improving air quality. They also help prevent soil erosion and provide a habitat for local wildlife.
  3. Psychological Benefits: Studies have shown that being around nature can reduce stress and increase happiness.

We’re locally owned and operated in Whakatane, and we’re passionate about what we do. With our expertise in soft landscaping, we can help you create an outdoor space that not only looks fantastic but also contributes positively to your wellbeing and the environment.